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Are you looking for a Miniature Schnauzer puppy? Look no further than Findell Kennels! We are a Miniature Schnauzer breeder in Benton, Arkansas, and we comply fully with American Kennel Club (AKC) standards.

We are continuing to be a small kennel in Benton Arkansas, transplanted from California. We offer Great AKC limited registration on miniature schnauzers from show lines, we DNA our girls and boys for genetic disorders associated with this breed and they are clear. Hearts and eyes are also clear. we will begin taking deposits again for fall litters. We are booked through the summer months. We also offer limited training and boarding. Training depends on the problems, boarding at $10.00 per day.

Thank you all for being great dog owners and sending wonderful pictures of Your fur babies.


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A Day at the Dog Park

After a day of putting in resumes AGAIN, I took my baby out to the dog park around 2:00 p.m. She is SO happy going to the dog park that she anxiously scans the route we take to see when we get close. Sometimes she whines as we get a couple of blocks away so lately, we've taken to howling as we arrive. The two of us, heads thrown back howling, we're a sight, and I'm sure if anyone saw us, they'd think we were completely mad. I'd be a bit embarrassed trying to explain that to a copper if one pulled us up. :)-----

We get to the park and out of the truck, Shasta pulling me like she's pulling the truck instead, hunkered down,pulling with all her might against the lead, shrieking at other dogs, sounding positively embarrassing as though I'm torturing her as we approach the sallyport gate. In we go and she bounds down the path, up the little bridge making these HUGE thumping sounds as she crosses it, and round the corner. I don't even see her until I've caught up, then she's usually harassing some people or dogs down the path, practically 1/2 a mile away until I call her back. She rarely comes back, but sometimes waits a few seconds before exploding up the main path to the clearing where there are usually lots of other dogs. Today was slow so no dogs there, but sights and scents distracted her all along the way, and she would stop to raise a leg and pee, letting everyone know she was there.

It was such a crisp cold day that I wasn't complaining about it. I walked where she wanted to go, then when she was left behind doing some of her scent investigating or chasing squirrels, I would hide behind a tree large enough to and wait for her to find me. She ALWAYS finds me! We did this all day, just laughing and chasing, hiding and growling. It was a wonderful day with her.

When we arrived home I had to work more on my laptop and trying to get out some resumes. Later, as we were relaxing, I had her covered up on the bed with only her eyes and nose poked out watching me until I began growling at her and she jumped straight up, ready to engage! She was on my bed, so I just came over and wrestled the little monkey. She absolutely LOVES to wrestle me, moaning and making these funny sounds, somewhere between a growl and a howl, and nibbles my skin, not quite biting me, but playfully nibbling me. SO funny!

My housemate Casandra said that we must have been lovers or very close in a former life and God felt badly that we were separated so brought her back in my little dog's body. I don't know as I believe in that reincarnation nonsense, but she has the biggest heart in the tiniest body, and she's absolutely the best companion I ever had, in this life or any other!

Richard and Shasta

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