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Dear Customers and Lovers of Miniature Schnauzers,

I will be retiring from breeding at the end of the spring litters. Customers with deposits Will have their puppy from the spring litters I’m beginning to breed right now. I will not be taking any more deposits for puppies. As the spring litters go home, We will be selling all dog equipment and my older dogs will be spayed, neutered and placed in appropriate homes.

Thank you all for being great dog owners and sending wonderful pictures of Your fur babies.


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If your interested in a house with a kennel please review these pictures and contact me.

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Graduation Day in Puerto Rico!!!!

Obedience classes are great for all dogs.  Our Puerto Rican Affiliate Club just finished their classes and their report is below:

I just wanted to share with you this short video of Nala's graduation day exercises. We were divided in two groups (you can only see one of the groups here) and were given different exercises to perform. Here we had to perform the in your place-guest visit exercise) where the dog has to remain in his place throughout the entire visit until you 'release' him/her. Pretty cool, huh?! At the end you can hear Mia's barking in the background. She was congratulating her Aunt Nala for doing a great job! LOL! 

I am planning in enrolling Nala in the intermediate course which begins in March.  One of the things that we will learn in this course is that the dog has to learn to walk next to you without a leash, among other things.  For you to be able to graduate the dog HAS to walk next to you without the leash no matter what you do or where you go.  If the dog breaks the command, you don't graduate.

Here's Mia doing the 'sit/stay' exercise where Mia had to stay on that command for 1 minute while she just sat on a chair in front of her. 

The PRA are Winners!

Puerto Rico Dog Show: April 25 - April 27

Day 1

Second place for a beginners obedience title.

Second place for a beginners obedience title.

This is an exercise that we had not done before. We have done the long sit for 1 minute, and you stand in front of the dog, but not this. It was her first time ever and she rocked! 

Day 2



Day 3



Nala-Blue has won her obedience title and is waiting with Lukas to enter the competition for their Canine Good Citizen award today... This is a temperament test of sorts and is a title that will also be put on their AKC papers.


 Both Nala and Lukas won the Canine Good Citizen Award. Congrats everyone!!!


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